2020 Voyager Media Awards

Winner – Best feature or current affairs video: Single video journalist Death Bed: The story of Kelly Savage

Finalist – Video Journalist of the Year

Finalist – Best innovation in digital storytelling They will inherit the earth

Work with me

I'm a versatile, journalism-adjacent filmmaker, videographer and animator, bringing sensitivity and colour to social and environmental stories. My work combines powerful images with punchy motion graphics, and my inclusive, collaborative approach gets the best out of others. I love to grapple with how a story will work on video, and favour a strategic approach that clears the way for a warm and human result.

At the beginning of a project I like to hone in on what needs to be communicated, this makes sure we’re using a clear voice to reach your chosen audience. The voice we choose has a strong influence on the video format and style we’ll develop for the project, and what we know about the audience feeds back into that formatting.

I shoot and edit my own stories, but I also work with animators, stylists and art directors depending on what your job requires.

My services

  • Developing video content for news, media organisations, NGO's and brands
  • Post-production – I edit, grade and mix sound.
  • Motion Graphics & VFX – experienced After Effects operator
  • Director of Photography for news, documentary & lifestyle projects
  • Shorthand.com layouts


+64 29 770 6972


I’m a freelance video producer, until recently I worked in-house at RNZ where I shot stories in Japan, Korea and the Philippines. Before that I worked with UNDP covering climate change adaptation projects in the Pacific, Mexico, Uganda and Lao PDR.

I’ve produced music videos, NZ on air content, short documentaries, and TVCs. I was the series producer and developer of Wireless Docs. My camera work has appeared on RNZ, The Wireless, Vice, Red Bull TV, The Guardian and TVNZ, and in 2016 and 2020 I was a finalist in Videographer of the Year at the New Zealand Media Awards. I’ve also taught design, animation and moving image at tertiary level.

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